Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, you know you have made it when you google yourself and suddenly....there it is....your name is listed on! We are listed under Fat Rascal. Oh my goodness...

United States
In the
United States the Fat Rascal is generally listed as a breakfast cookie and can be in Vanilla or Chocolate. These can be purchased at The Ruby Pear Tea Parlor in Noblesville, Indiana[5][6].

Here is the real story about how our cookies were named:

Fat Rascal is a slang term for Scone in England. I named my original baking company Fat Rascal Confections because I was making our family sugar cookies and a couple kinds of Scones. Everyone I delivered too started associating the name Fat Rascal with our family "Fat Rascals" were born!

So when you read that we are a "breakfast cookie" don't believe it cause it's a cookie that you can eat any time you want!!! Amazing how that kind of thing happens.

Just thought I'd share the fun!

Enjoy your's beautifully sunny here!
Mary Ann