Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our girls.....

Well, it's about time we do a little bragging! We thought it would be fun to fill you in a bit on just who works at The Ruby Pear and how much we adore them.

Robin -- married with 3 great sons....grandsons to Steve and Connie...nephews to Mary Ann. A dear friend coined my favorite descriptive phrase about Robin...."she's a walking party!". Oh my goodness....this could not be more true! Full of pep, laughter, laid-backness (is that a word?) and a heart for pleasing others makes her a jewel in our book! God gave me a sister when she married my brother.

Sandra --Mother to a son and a serious "getter doner" (I's not a word, but it totally describes her!). We call her Mighty Mouse who never met a door she didn't leave open! ha! If something needs to get done...get out of her way...cause she'll be on a mission. Her hard work and determination to complete a task is something to really appreciate. My favorite thing about Sandra is her ability to tell a funny story and it's usually about herself. I love that! We laugh alot!

Lilli --Mother to a darling little girl. Another "getter doner" when the going gets tough....Lilli gets going! Lilli loves gardening and has a background in human resources. She is one of our newest members at The Ruby Pear and we appreciate her greatly!

Ann -- "Mother" to Punky the wonder dog and Abbey the darling tilting head dog. Dishwasher extraordinaire....step away from the suds.....don't mess with the bubbles...she has it all under control! Annie, as I call her, has endless talents...Interior Designer/Project Manager, Pet Sitter, Organizer and many many other talents such as taxi driver, grocery bagger and drive-in waitress! She has done it all and I would say she is one of my favorite people on the planet!

We have a couple of others that we have lost due to moves or other endeavors. Becky is tending her grapes and winery while Judi is now living in Chatanooga with her family. We miss them!

Stop by to visit us soon! Our summer has gotten extremely busy. We are so grateful and hope that it continues! If you haven't visited us lately, we have made some pretty big changes that we hope you will like.

Have a great weekend!

Mary Ann