Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Vacation...

Summer Greetings to you!

We will be closed July 1-July 4 for a summer vacation.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope that you will visit us after we return on July 8.

Happy 4th of July~!

Steve, Connie and Mary Ann

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For the love of Piggys......

Oh, I am so incredibly embarassed that it has taken me so long to put an update on here. We had an amazing Mother's Day High Tea with I believe about 50-60 guests. Our menu was very well received and we always find it fun to have a new treat or two among the goodies. This year we introduced a new tea sandwich: Benedictine Cucumber and a new dessert: Walnut Derby Tartlet. Both were delicious, but the tea sandwich was out of this world! (if I do say so myself.....LOL) to the Piggys.....I know....strange title, but you will understand it in a couple of seconds. We have started a new small event called "The Piggyback Tea Party" which can be had by anyone. Our Sweet Sue and Queen Anne Tea Parties have a minimum of 10 required, but let's say that you only have 2 or 5 or 6 in your group and you would like to have a tea party. The Piggyback Tea Party is a way for a group of any size to enjoy a Tea Party at The Ruby Pear. There are four rules to follow when having a Piggyback Tea Party: You must have your party on the same day as a scheduled Sweet Sue or Queen Anne Tea Party, you must have the same menu as that party has planned, the price per person is the same as the planned party and you must reserve your seats a week ahead of time. You will be seated in your own area and not a part of the larger party. other words....check with us to see when our next Sweet Sue or Queen Anne Tea Party is scheduled and call your friends to come in for a Piggyback Tea Party!

Look for new posts once a week starting today. I'm on a schedule now and have set some themes for the next few weeks. Have a great day everyone!

Mary Ann