Monday, June 23, 2008

A little Tea...

Hello Everyone!

I've had great intentions to get a feature on Harney Tea uploaded and have not had a chance to do so. I will say that they (Harney & Sons) have a terrific website loaded with great information. We do carry many of their teas, but have not ventured to carry all of them. There are too many! ha

We are headed in a direction to start carrying many more teas and develop a tea tasting schedule for our customers. We may even create some tea tasting classes. Like always, we have many ideas to follow through with, but only so much time to do it in. Fortunately, we are very busy with lunches, tea parties and inventory control for the gift shop.

In the meantime, please go to and take a look at their selection. Let us know if there is something you are interested in and we'll see if we have it for you.

We will have a few features coming up regarding Tea Cards, Bella Dio Designer Jewelry and our European Soap Lines. Until then, keep pouring the Earl Gray and sipping the Pekoe!

Mary Ann