Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The French Macaroon...

Well, it's time to talk about the new love in our lives. The French Chocolate Macaroon has become a wonderful new treat at The Ruby Pear Tea Parlor.
Saturdays are going to be known as
"French Macaroon Day"
with only a handful of them available for purchase. They are desirable, delicious, delightful and we dare you to eat just one! We have worked on this recipe until we have them just as close to a perfect Parisian Macaroon as possible. The oldest tearoom in Paris, Laduree, is our inspiration and we someday hope to make it there in person to try there own version, but until then, we hope that you will love ours as much as we do. Our French Chocolate Macaroons are $1.75 each and are about 2" in diameter which is twice the size of what we have seen with the imported Macaroons around town. We will make ours fresh each week and have around 25-30 to sell each Saturday.
We'll hopefully see you Saturday!!!!!!!!!
Mary Ann