Thursday, April 17, 2008

History of The Fat Rascals...

When Connie, my mother, was pregnant with me, she was given this recipe at one of her baby showers. As a child, these cookies were made only during special times, especially the holidays. The Vanilla cookie is the original recipe and about 12 years ago we developed the chocolate recipe....which I might add knocked our socks off! It was also at that time that I began a teenie tiny business making scones, cookies and any other treats people asked for. I found that a slang term in England for scones is "Fat Rascal". There in lies the name of my business: Fat Rascal Confections. It was a fun name that people always mixed up, but none the less, they remembered me. I would walk into offices and people would stand up in their cubicles and give a hoot, "Where are those Fat Rascals?!". The cookies became a hit and the name of Fat Rascal just stuck. Who am I to change a good thing! At the tea parlor though, our scones are being eaten as fast as we can make them. We are amazed at how many times a week we are having to make them.

My Mom is the scone making champ! However, I think everything she bakes tastes wonderful! I have such fond memories of she and I making cookies in the kitchen and visiting the local grocery store to get all of the ingredients. My favorite thing to this day is to be in the kitchen or grocery store with her. I suppose she is tired of those things since that is all she has done all her life, but she has the most natural God given gift of making those around her feel good. I hope every day that I have inherited that trait.

You might be wondering if we'll share the recipe, but I'll tell you what I tell everyone else..."Ancient Chinese Secret". Sorry!

Until next time...

Mary Ann